If a person not otherwise liable assumes obligations so that they become enforceable against him personally or against his property, such assumption is consideration for a promise made therefor.1 Security for a claim, whether personal security2 or mortgage security,3 as wife's joining in a mortgage of her husband's realty4 or homestead,5 or chattel property;6 a promise to support one whom promisor is not otherwise obliged to support,7 as a promise to care for a brother,8 or a father who is financially able to support himself,9 or where the son who renders the support is an emancipated minor;l0 purchasing property in reliance on the promise of another to take a part,11 or all,12 thereof, and pay for it, or to advance a part of the purchase price;13 or agreeing to erect a building;14 or to rent a certain building;15 or to transport property at certain rates;16 or giving

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Iowa. Schneiter v. Carman, 98 la credit to A on B's promise;17 or assuming contract obligations of a third person;18 or effecting insurance on one's life and securing the premiums by mortgage,19 are all considerations. A promise by, B to make permanent improvements, to pay taxes and to devise to A, is consideration for A's promise to convey to B.20 A promise by A, who is the sales agent of B, to maintain certain offices, is a consideration for B's promise to reimburse A for the rent thereof.21 A's promise to pay to a railway company a certain sum of money upon the construction of its railway to a certain point, is supported by sufficient consideration, although the money expended by such railway in building such road is expended for its own benefit,22 A's entering into a contract with B, whereby A agrees to make certain excavations, is consideration for C's promise to remove such dirt by rail.23 Becoming security on the note of another is consideration for a promise of indemnity,24 especially where such promise is made by one primarily liable, to induce promisee to give his note to the former's creditor.28 So incurring expenses in litigation is a consideration for a promise by interested parties to give indemnity.26 The act of a mortgagee in becoming security for costs, employing an attorney and paying the jury fee in litigation between the mortgagor and the insurance company, is a consideration for a promise by the mortgagor to pay to the mortgagee a part of the proceeds of such litigation to apply on the mortgage.27 A's promise to pay costs and to reimburse B for the amount which

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But it has been held that B's promise to contribute to the expenses of a suit defended by A, which A has told B he means to resist Independently of B's action, has no consideration. Columbia Incandescent Lamp Co. v. Mfg. Co., 64 Mo. App. 115.

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B has been obliged to pay to A under the workmen's compensation act, for X's death, is a consideration for B's assignment to A of B's claim against Y for X's death, which B has acquired by reason of such payment.28 So A's incurring expenses of a trip to Europe in reliance on B's promise to reimburse him therefor, is a consideration for B's promise.29 A's incurring expense in attending a private school in reliance on B's promise to reimburse A therefor, is consideration for such promise.30 So a railroad's agreement to support in part a relief department for its employes is consideration for a promise by the employes to release rights of action for personal injury31 at any time before acceptance.