Subscriptions - Promise to apply proceeds. Sec. 563. Change of status.


Sec. 564. Apparent considerations which are non-existent.

Sec. 565. The doctrine of mutuality.

Sec. 566. Mutual promises.

Sec. 567. Unenforceable promise as consideration.

Sec. 568. Lack of mutuality - Gratuitous promises. Sec. 509. Promise imposing no liability as consideration.

Sec. 570. Consideration payable only out of proceeds of transaction.

Sec. 571. Options. Sec. 572. Contract terminable at option of one party.

Sec. 573. Effect of substantial interval between notice and termination of contract. Sec. 574. Contract terminable on event other than will of party.

Sec. 575. Contract to be performed at option of adversary party - Equivalent to offer.

Sec. 576. Equivalent to preliminary negotiation.

Sec. 577. Performance mandatory - Details in discretion of one party.

Sec. 578. Performance at option of one party - Independent consideration.

Sec. 579. Contract to deal with adversary party exclusively - Promise held without consideration.

Sec. 580. Contract to deal with adversary party exclusively - Contract held to be upon consideration.

Sec. 581. Contract to supply "wants" or "requirements" of adversary party. Sec. 582. Offer to be accepted by act - Performance as supplying mutuality.

Sec. 583. Contract construed as imposing mutuality of obligation.

Sec. 584. Contract requiring test.

Sec. 585. Performance of duty imposed by law.

Sec. 586. Performance of legal duty resting on public officer.

Sec. 587. Performance of legal duty arising out of domestic relations.

Sec. 588. Contracts between parties primarily and secondarily liable for legal duty. Sec. 589. Performance of pre-existing contract between the same parties - Held not to constitute consideration. Sec. 590. Held to constitute consideration. Sec. 591. Unforeseen difficulties in performance held to constitute consideration.

Sec. 592. Presence of additional consideration.

Sec. 503. Performance of pre-existing contract with third person held not to be consideration.

Sec. 504. Performance of contract with third person held to be consideration.

Sec. 505. Payment of all or part of liquidated undisputed debt due as consideration for new promise.

Sec. 596. Payment of part of liquidated debt in satisfaction of entire debt.

Sec. 597. Payment in manner different from original contract.

Sec. 598. Additional consideration - Change in time or place.

Sec. 590. Change as to person or security.

Sec. 600. Change in medium of payment - Payment by check.

Sec. 601. Cancellation or surrender of negotiable instrument.

Sec. 602. Payment of principal as bar to right to recover interest.

Sec. 603. Gift or sale of debt by creditor to debtor.

Sec. 604. Written receipt in full.

Sec. 605. Payment of interest due.

Sec. 60G. Covenant to pay interest as consideration for extension.

Sec. 607. Change in time of paying interest.

Sec. 608. Payment of usurious interest.

Sec. 609. Performance of joint liability.

Sec. 610. Reciprocal release of contractual rights.

Sec. 611. Performance with modification.

VII. COMPROMISES Sec. 612. Compromise of disputed claim - What constitutes dispute. Sec. 613. Dispute as to fact or law. Sec. 614. Sufficiency of genuine dispute. Sec. 615. Necessity of valid claim. Sec. 616. Necessity of good faith.

Sec. 617. Reasonable ground for claim held unnecessary. Sec. 618. Reasonable ground for claim held necessary. Sec. 619. Necessity of mutual concessions.

Sec. 620. Absence of reasonable ground equivalent to absence of good faith. Sec. 621. Effect of pendency of action. Sec. 622. Specific examples of compromises. Sec. 623. Attitude of courts toward compromises.

VIII. PAST CONSIDERATION AND MORAL OBLIGATION Sec. 624. History of doctrine of past consideration. Sec. 625. Past consideration - Nature and effect. Sec. 626. Illustrations of past consideration. Sec. 627. Past services.

Sec. 628. Past consideration held sufficient. Sec. 629. Past transaction resulting in liability. Sec. 630. Previous request.

Sec. 631. Promise to perform prior duty and to perform in excess thereof. Sec. 632. Moral obligation - Pror legal liability.

Sec. 633. Moral obligation - No legal liability - Held to be consideration. Sec. 634. Moral obligation - No legal liability - Held no consideration.

IX. ADEQUACY Sec. 635. Adequacy of consideration - At law - Value not fixed in money.

Sec. 636. Inadequacy rendering contract unconscionable at law.

Sec. 637. Adequacy of consideration in equity.

Sec. 638. General effect of inadequacy of consideration in equity.

Sec. 639. What constitutes inadequacy of consideration.

Sec. 640. Adequacy as of date of transaction.

Sec. 641. Unconscionable contracts in equity - Nature.

Sec. 642. Unconscionable contracts in equity - Effect.

Sec. 643. Adequacy of consideration whose value is fixed by law in money.

X. NOMINAL CONSIDERATION Sec. 644. Nominal consideration - Nature. Sec. 645. Nominal consideration held sufficient. Sec. 646. Nominal consideration held insufficient.

XI. RECITAL OF CONSIDERATION Sec. 647. Conclusive effect of recital "of consideration - Simple executory contracts. Sec. 648. Sealed contracts. Sec. 649. Deeds.

XII. PRESUMPTION OF CONSIDERATION Sec. 650. Presumption of consideration - Contract under seal. Sec. 651. Presumption of consideration - Negotiable contract. Sec. 652. Presumption of consideration - Written non-negotiable instruments. Sec. 653. Statutory provisions.

Sec. 654. Presumption of consideration - Oral contract. Sec. 655. Conclusive or prima facie character of presumption.

XIII. PRESENT STANDING OF DOCTRINE OF CONSIDERATION Sec. 656. Present standing of the doctrine of consideration.