If the new promise is to do something further than the promisor had already agreed to do, such promise is a consideration for a reciprocal promise. Thus where A was bound not to allow others to use his name in business.

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a further promise not to engage in business himself is a consideration;1 and so when a surety consents to an extension of time.2 Where no time is fixed for the continuance of the contract, and it is held revocable at will,3 a promise of additional compensation for further performance is upon consideration.4 A substantial change in the form of a pre-existing liability is a consideration, such as a novation;5 the exchange of an absolute unliquidated liability for a contingent liquidated liability;6 an agreement by tenants in common to accept part of the entire estate in severalty and pay a proportionate share of a mortgage on the tract;7 or giving several small notes, providing for payment of attorney fees in case of suit, for one larger note involving no such provision.8 Payment of one-half a judgment by one of several judgment debtors in cash and notes secured by collateral, is consideration for a satisfaction of the judgment as to such debtor.9 If X, a third person, gives his note to A, a surety for B to C, in consideration of A's paying B's debt to C, a consideration for X's note exists, since A, while legally liable to C for such debt, had a right to await suit by C, and in that suit to compel B to pay the debt to the extent of B's property before A's property could be taken.10