Sec. 2235. Definition and nature of assignment.

Sec. 2236. Assignment at common law - Original theory.

Sec. 2237. Exceptions recognizing assignment.

Sec. 2238. Effect of attempted assignment at common law.

Sec. 2239. Assignment in equity.

Sec. 2240. Ultimate theory of assignment at common law.

Sec. 2241. Assignment at modern law.

2242. Equitable assignment at modern law.

Sec. 2243. Contracts assignable at modern law.

2244. Illustrations of assignable contracts.

Sec. 2245. Assignment of contract rights not yet acquired.

Sec. 2246. Assignment of quasi-contractual rights.

Sec. 2247. Assignment of personal rights.

Sec. 2248. Personal contracts.

Sec. 2249. Personality must be element of contract.

Sec. 2250. Assignment of contracts personal as to performance - General nature.

Sec. 2251. Contracts for professional or expert services.

Sec. 2252. Contracts for manufacture or production of articles.

Sec. 2253. Building and construction contracts.

Sec. 2254. Contracts for supplying needs or requirements of business.

Sec. 2255. Assignment of performance by person for whose benefit personal element required.

Sec. 2256. Assignment of contracts personal as to credit.

Sec. 2257. Assignment on elimination of personal element by performance or breach.

Sec. 2258. Assent to assignment of personal contract.

Sec. 2259. Specific provision against assignment.

Sec. 2260. Statutory prohibition of assignment.

Sec. 2261. Partial assignment.

Sec. 2262. Assignment does not discharge assignor.

Sec. 2263. Assignment may impose personal liability on assignee.

Sec. 2264. Assignment passes all assignor's rights - General principles.

Sec. 2265. Assignment as passing incidents and remedies.

Sec. 2266. Assignment as passing securities.

Sec. 2267. Assignment as passing lien.

$ 2268. Assignment of judgment as passing cause of action. Sec. 2269. Assignment passes only assignor's rights against debtor - General principles. Sec. 2270. Discharge, etc. Sec. 2271. Set-off.

Sec. 2272. Assignment of property rights.

Sec. 2273. Equities of third persons.

Sec. 2274. Theories as to necessity of notice to debtor.

Sec. 2275. Origin of doctrine of necessity of notice in England.

Sec. 2276. Necessity of notice as against claimants other than bona fide purchasers - Assignee and assignor.

Sec. 2277. Assignee and debtor.

Sec. 2278. Assignee and claimant other than attaching creditor.

Sec. 2279. Assignee and attaching creditor.

Sec. 2280. Necessity of notice as against subsequent bona fide purchaser.

Sec. 2281. Contents and service of notice.

Sec. 2282. To whom notice should be given.

Sec. 2283. Effect of notice.

Sec. 2284. Effect of assignment for sole purpose of collection.

Sec. 2285. Elements of assignment - General nature.

Sec. 2286. Intent to reserve control to assignor.

| 2287. Intent to transfer control to assignee.

Sec. 2288. Transfer of control - Ordero as assignments.

Sec. 2289. Drafts as assignments.

| 2290. Checks as assignments.

Sec. 2291. Form of assignment.

Sec. 2292. Statutory formalities.

Sec. 2293. Necessity of consideration.

Sec. 2294. What constitutes acceptance by debtor.

Sec. 2295. Necessity of acceptance by debtor.

Sec. 2296. Effect of acceptance.

Sec. 2297. Covenants running with the land - Freehold estates - Covenants conferring right upon grantee. Sec. 2298. Covenants imposing burden upon grantee. Sec. 2299. Effect of breach of covenant running with the land. Sec. 2300. Leasehold estates - Covenants passing to assignee of lease. Sec. 2301. Covenants passing to assignee of reversion. Sec. 2302. Assignment by operation of law.