In jurisdictions in which the right of a third person to enforce a contract made for his benefit is not regarded with favor, it is held that a third person can not enforce a contract for his benefit unless he is specifically named.1 In other jurisdictions which regard this right with greater favor, it is held that one who is indicated in a sufficiently definite way may enforce a contract intended for his benefit, though he is not specifically named.2 Since an offer may ordinarily be made to a person to be ascertained in the future,3 a promise by A to B for the benefit of a third person is not invalid, because such third person is not ascertained when the promise is made.4 Thus where A, the owner of a stallion, agreed with B, the owner of a mare, that A would pay to any person who should own the first of the foals of such mare by such stallion, which should trot a mile in two minutes and thirty seconds or less, the sum of seven hundred and fifty dollars, and C bought one of the foals, knowing of such promise, it was held that if the foal owned by C trotted a mile in the prescribed time, C would recover from A.5

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