Sec. 2830. Nature of appropriation of payments.

Sec. 2831. Appropriation by mutual consent.

Sec. 2832 Voluntary payments - Appropriation by debtor.

Sec. 2833. When debtor can make appropriation.

Sec. 2834. Appropriation by creditor - Common-law rule - Appropriation among valid debts. Sec. 2835. Appropriation to unenforceable or invalid debts. Sec. 2836. Civil-law rule.

Sec. 2837. When creditor can make appropriation

Sec. 2838. Appropriation by law - Presumed mutual intention of parties followed. Sec. 2839. Appropriation in order of maturity of debt. Sec. 2840. Appropriation as between principal and interest. Sec. 2841. Conflict between interests of debtor and creditor - Common-law rule. Sec. 2842. Civil-law rule.

Sec. 2843. Interest of third persons in fund used for payment. Sec. 2844 Source of payment as affecting appropriation. Sec. 2845. Creditor's ignorance or knowledge of interest of third person or source of fund. Sec. 2846. Appropriation, when immaterial. Sec. 2847. Involuntary payments. Sec. 2848. What amounts to appropriation by debtor. Sec. 2849. What amounts to appropriation by creditor. Sec. 2850. What amounts to appropriation by act of the law. Sec. 2851. Effect of appropriation.