Policies of fire insurance frequently contain provisions that the policy shall terminate if certain specified articles, usually explosives or inflammables, are kept or used upon the premises. If such provisions are clear and unequivocal, full effect is given to them.1 A condition rendering the policy invalid if gasoline is kept or allowed on the premises, is broken if the insured keeps an automobile in the building with a substantial quantity of gasoline in its tank.2 Such provisions are, however, construed very strictly in favor of the insured.3 Conditions of this sort are not broken by keeping such articles if they are a part of the general stock of goods upon which the insurance is effected;4 nor are they broken, at least as a matter of law, by the use of a gasoline torch to remove paint,5 or by the use of gasoline to remove rust,6 or by the presence on the premises of a small quantity of gasoline for the purpose of cleaning,7 or for cleaning an automobile and vulcanizing tires,8 or for use in a gasoline stove used for cooking,9 or for use in an engine which operates machinery necessary for the business.10 Such a condition is not broken by the temporary presence of gasoline which is delivered at such building by mistake and which is removed immediately.11 Unless such a condition is limited to cases in which such articles are kept on the premises with the knowledge of the insured, such a condition is broken if the tenant of the insured keeps such articles upon the premises without his knowledge.12

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