If the express terms of the contract do not fix the time for its duration, if the subject-matter and the surrounding circumstances do not indicate an intention to enter into a permanent obligation or one of indefinite duration, and if the contract is one which from its nature might be terminated at any time, or might be performed indefinitely, it is generally held that either party to the contract may terminate it at his option.1

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Accordingly, contracts for the rendition of personal services,2 such as a contract of employment as land agent,3 or a contract to repair and construct buildings as directed by the adversary party, no particular buildings being designated,4 may be discharged at any time at the option of either party as to the part of such contract which remains executory. A agreed with B to manage B's plantation and stock farm, and as compensation A was to have the products of the farm and one half of the increase of the stock. No time for the termination of such contract was fixed. A was allowed to terminate the contract at any time, upon giving due notice and taking possession at the beginning of some designated year.5 On the same principle, a contract to furnish commodities,6 such as a contract by retail dealers to buy oil of a wholesale dealer exclusively, without limitation as to time,7 or a contract to manufacture articles for a corporation for an indefinite time in the future,1 may each be discharged at any time at the option of either party as to the part thereof which remains executory.