All portions of the work that the Contractor's organization has not been accustomed to perform or that the Owner may direct, shall be executed under separate contracts let by the Owner direct. In such cases either the Contractor shall ask for bids from contractors approved by the Architect and shall deliver such bids to him, or the Architect shall procure such bids himself, and in either case the Architect shall determine, with the advice of the Contractor and subject to the approval of the Owner, the award and amount of the accepted bid. The Owner shall contract for such work direct with such approved bidders in accordance with the terms of this agreement and the General Conditions of the Contract, which Conditions shall, for the purposes of such contracts, stand as printed or written and not be. subject to the modifications set forth herein.

The Contractor, being fully responsible for the general management of the building operation, shall have full directing authority over the execution of the separate contracts.

The separate Contractors shall not only co-operate with each other, as provided in Article 41 of the General Conditions of the Contract, but they shall conform to all directions of the Contractor in regard to the progress of the work.