The Contractor shall promptly remove from the premises all materials condemned by the Architect as failing to conform to the Contract, whether incorporated in the work or not, and the Contractor shall promptly replace and re-execute his own work in accordance with the Contract and without expense to the Owner and shall bear the expense of making good all work of other contractors destroyed or damaged by such removal or replacement.

If the Contractor does not remove such condemned work and materials within a reasonable time, fixed by written notice, the Owner may remove them and may store the material at the expense of the Contractor. If the Contractor does not pay the expense of such removal within five days thereafter, the Owner may, upon ten days' written notice, sell such materials at auction or at private sale and shall account for the net proceeds thereof, after deducting all the costs and expenses that should have been borne by the Contractor.

Article 15. Deductions For Uncorrected Work

If the Architect and Owner deem it inexpedient to correct work injured or done not in accordance with the Contract, the difference in value together with a fair allowance for damage shall be deducted.

Article 16. Correction Of Work After Final Payment

Neither the final certificate nor payment nor any provision in the Contract Documents shall relieve the Contractor of responsibility for faulty materials or workmanship and he shall remedy any defects due thereto and pay for any damage to other work resulting therefrom, which shall appear within a period of two years from the time of installation. The Owner shall give notice of observed defects with reasonable promptness All questions arising under this Article shall be decided under Articles 10 and 45.

Article 17. Protection Of Work And Property

The Contractor shall continuously maintain adequate protection of all his work from damage and shall protect the Owner's property from injury arising in connection with this Contract. He shall make good any such damage or injury, except such as may be directly due to errors in the Contract Documents. He shall adequately protect adjacent property as provided by law and the Contract Documents.

Article 18. Emergencies

In an emergency affecting the safety of life or of the structure or of adjoining property, not considered by the Contractor as within the provisions of Article 17, then the Contractor, without special instruction or authorization from the Architect or Owner, is hereby permitted to act, at his discretion, to prevent such threatened loss or injury and he shall so act, without appeal, if so instructed or authorized. Any compensation claimed to be due to him therefor shall be determined under Articles 10 and 45 regardless of the limitations in Article 25 and in the second paragraph of Article 24.