The Owner shall effect and maintain fire insurance upon the entire structure on which the work of this contract is to be done and upon all materials, in or adjacent thereto and intended for use thereon, to at least eighty per cent. of the insurable value thereof. The loss, if any, is to be made adjustable with and payable to the Owner as Trustee for whom it may concern.

All policies shall be open to inspection by the Contractor. If the Owner fails to show them on request or if he fails to effect or maintain insurance as above, the Contractor may insure his own interest and charge the cost thereof to the Owner. If the Contractor is damaged by failure of the Owner to maintain such insurance, he may recover under Art. 39.

If required in writing by any party in interest, the Owner as Trustee shall, upon the occurrence of loss, give bond for the proper performance of his duties. He shall deposit any money received from insurance in an account separate from all his other funds and he shall distribute it in accordance with such agreement as the parties in interest may reach, or under an award of arbitrators appointed, one by the Owner, another by joint action of the other parties in interest, all other procedure being in accordance with Article 45. If after loss no special agreement is made, replacement of injured work shall be ordered under Article 24.

The Trustee shall have power to adjust and settle any loss with the insurers unless one of the contractors interested shall object in writing within three working days of the occurrence of loss and thereupon arbitrators shall be chosen as above. The Trustee shall in that case make settlement with the insurers in accordance with the directions of such arbitrators, who shall also, if distribution by arbitration is required, direct such distribution.