If the Contractor has made application as above, the Architect shall, not later than the date when each payment falls due, issue to the Contractor a certificate for such amount as he decides to be properly due.

No certificate issued nor payment made to the Contractor, nor partial or entire use or occupancy of the work by the Owner shall be an acceptance of any work or materials not in accordance with this contract. The making and acceptance of the final payment shall constitute a waiver of all claims by the Owner, otherwise than under Articles 16 and 29 of these conditions or under requirement of the specifications, and of all claims by the Contractor, except those previously made and still unsettled.

Should the Owner fail to pay the sum named in any certificate of the Architect or in any award by arbitration, upon demand when due, the Contractor shall receive, in addition to the sum named in the certificate, interest thereon at the legal rate in force at the place of building.