The Contractor recognizes the relatione of trust and confidence established between him and the Owner by this Agreement. He covenants with the Owner to furnish his best skill and judgment and to co-operate with the Architect in forwarding the interests

1 A form of agreement between contractor and owner issued by the American Institute of Architects for use when the cost of the work plus a fee forms the basis of payment. First edition, copyright 1920. by the American Institute of Architects, Washington, D. C. This form is to be used only with the Institute's standard general conditions of the contract, and it should not be used without careful study of its accompanying "Circular of Information." of the Owner. He agrees to furnish efficient business administration and superintendence and to use every effort to keep upon the work at all times an adequate supply of workmen and materials, and to secure its execution in the best and soundest way and in the most expeditions and economical manner consistent with the interests of the Owner.