Subject to the provisions of Article 10, all questions in dispute under this contract shall be submitted to arbitration at the choice of either party to the dispute. The Contractor agrees to push the work vigorously, during arbitration proceedings.

The demand for arbitration shall be filed in writing with the Architect, in the case of an appeal from his decision, within ten days of its receipt and in any other case within a reasonable time after cause thereof and in no case later than the time of final payment, except as to questions arising under Article 16. If the Architect fails to make a decision within a reasonable time, an appeal to arbitration may be taken as if his decision had been rendered against the party appealing.

No one shall be nominated or act as an arbitrator who is in any way financially interested in this contract or in the business affairs of either the Owner, Contractor or Architect. •

The general procedure shall conform to the laws of the State in which the work is to be erected. Unless otherwise provided by such laws, the parties may agree upon one arbitrator; otherwise there shall be three, one named, in writing, by each party to this contract, to the other party and to the Architect, and the third chosen by these two arbitrators, or if they fail to select a third within ten days, then he shall be chosen by the presiding officer of the Bar Association nearest to the location of the work. Should the party demanding arbitration fail to name an arbitrator within ten days of his demand, his right to arbitration shall lapse. Should the other party fail to choose an arbitrator within said ten days, then such presiding officer shall appoint such arbitrator. Should either party refuse or neglect to supply the arbitrators with any papers or information demanded in writing, the arbitrators are empowered by both parties to proceed ex parte.

The arbitrators shall act with promptness. If there be one arbitrator his decision shall be binding; if three the decision of any two shall be binding. Such decision shall be a condition precedent to any right of legal action, and wherever permitted by law it may be filed in Court to carry it into effect.

The arbitrators, if they deem that the case demands it, are authorized to award to the party whose contention is sustained such sums as they shall deem proper for the time, expense and trouble incident to the appeal and, if the appeal was taken without reasonable cause, damages for delay. The arbitrators shall fix their own compensation, unless otherwise provided by agreement, and shall assess the costs and charges of the arbitration upon either or both parties.

The award of the arbitrators must be in writing and, if in writing, it shall not be open to objection on account of the form of the proceedings or the award, unless otherwise provided by the laws of the State in which the work is to be erected.

In the event of such laws providing on any matter covered by this article otherwise than as hereinbefore specified, the method of procedure throughout and the legal effect of the award shall be wholly in accordance with the said State laws, it being intended hereby to lay down a principle of action to be followed, leaving its local application to be adapted to the legal requirements of the place in which the work is to be erected.

See references under Sec. 3821.

Sec. 3823. Standard form of acceptance of subcontractor's proposal

- Issued by the American Institute of Architects -For use in connection with the third edition of the standard form of agreement and general conditions of the contract.1

Dear Sir: Having entered into a contract with -- [here insert the name and address or corporate title of the Owner] for the erection of ---------

[here insert the kind of work and the place at which it is to be erected] in accordance with plans and specifications prepared by --------- [here insert the name and address of the Architect], and in accordance with the General Conditions of the Contract prefixed to the specifications, the undersigned hereby accepts your proposal of --------- [here insert date], to provide all the materials and do all the work of--------- [here insert the kind of work to be done, as plumbing, roofing, etc., accurately describing by number, page, etc., the drawings and specifications governing such work].

The Undersigned agrees to pay you in current funds for the faithful performance of the subcontract established by this acceptance of your proposal the sum of --------- ($---------).

Our relations in respect of this subcontract are to be governed by the plans and specifications named above, by the General Conditions of the Contract as i This form has been approved by the National Association of Builders* Exchanges, the National Association of Master Plumbers, the National Association of Sheet Metal Contractors of the United States, the National Electrical Contractors' Association of the United States, the National Association of Marble Dealers, and the Heating and Piping Contractors National Association, the Building Trades Employers' Association of the City of New York. Copyright 1915, by the American Institute of Architects, The Octagon, Washington, D. C.

far as applicable to the work thus sublet and especially by Article 44 of those conditions printed on the reverse hereof. Very truly yours,