The Owner agrees to reimburse the Contractor in current funds all costs necessarily incurred for the proper prosecution of the work and paid directly by the Contractor, such costs to include the following items, and to be at rates not higher than the standard paid in the locality of the work except with prior consent of the Owner:

(a) All labor directly on the Contractor's pay roll.

(b) Salaries of Contractor's Employes stationed at the field office, in whatever capacity employed. Employes engaged, at shops or on the road, in expediting the production or transportation of material, shall be considered as stationed at the field office and their salaries paid for such part of their time as is employed on this work.

(c) The proportion of transportation, traveling and hotel expenses of the Contractor or of his officers' or employes incurred in discharge of duties connected with this work.

(d) All expenses incurred for transportation to and from the work of the force required for its prosecution.

(e) Permit fees, royalties, damages for infringement of patents, and costs of defending suits therefor and for deposits lost for causes other than the Contractor's negligence.

(f) Losses and expenses, not compensated by insurance or otherwise, sustained by the Contractor in connection with the work, provided they have resulted from causes other than the fault or neglect of the Contractor. Such losses shall include settlements made with the written consent and approval of the Owner. No such losses and expenses shall be included in the cost of the work for the purpose of determining the Contractor's fee, but if, after a loss from fire, flood or similar cause not due to the fault or neglect of the Contractor, he be put in charge of reconstruction, he shall be paid for his services a fee proportionate to that named in Article 4 hereof.

(g) Minor expenses, such as telegrams, telephone service, expressage and similar petty cash items, (h) Cost of hand tools, not owned by the workmen, canvas and tarpaulins, consumed in the prosecution of the work, and depreciation on such tools, canvas and tarpaulins used but not consumed and which shall remain the property of the Contractor.