The Contractor shall submit, with such promptness as to cause no delay in his own work or in that of any other contractor, two copies of all shop or setting drawings and schedules required for the work of the various trades and the Architect shall pass upon them with reasonable promptness. The Contractor shall make any corrections required by the Architect, file with him two corrected copies and furnish such other copies as may be needed. The Architect's approval of such drawings or schedules shall not relieve the Contractor from responsibility for deviations from drawings or specifications, unless he has in writing called the Architect's attention to such deviations at the time of submission, nor shall it relieve him from responsibility for errors of any sort in shop drawings or schedules.

Article 6. Drawings And Specifications On The Work

The Contractor shall keep one copy of all drawings and specifications on the work, in good order, available to the Architect and to his representatives.

Article 7. Ownership Of Drawings And Models

All drawings, specifications and copies thereof furnished by the Architect are his property. They are not to be used on other work and, with the exception of the signed contract set, are to be returned to him on request, at the completion of the work. All models are the property of the Owner.

Article 8. Samples

The Contractor shall furnish for approval all samples as directed. The work shall be in accordance with approved, samples.