Time being of the essence of this contract, the Contractor agrees to provide with' the Utmost dispatch, at the best prices obtainable:

(1) Such administrative, purchasing, manufacturing and accounting organization,

(2) Such plant, machinery and tools, and other facilities, including such facilities in addition to the Contractor's normal facilities (hereinafter called "increased facilities") and

(3) Such labor, material, supplies, and the like, as may be necessary to enable the articles to be made, and all the requirements of this contract, including the requirements in respect to the storage and delivery of the articles contemplated herein to be complied with* in manner satisfactory to the Contracting Officer.

The Contractor in dealing with parties other than the Government, shall make all sub-contracts, purchases, payments and other arrangements for the performing of this contract, in its own name and for its own account, and shall not bind or purport to bind the Government.

The Contractor shall, unless otherwise directed by the Contracting Officer, insert in every contract made for increased facilities, materials, supplies and the like, relating to the performance of this contract, a provision that such contract may be assigned by the Contractor to the Government or its nominee, and that such contract relates to a main contract between the Contractor and the Government.

All property paid for by the Government, unless hereinafter otherwise provided, shall upon such payment become the property of the Government, and shall be properly identified as property of the Government, and shall be so marked as the Contracting Officer may, from time to time, direct.

The Contractor hereby waives and releases all lien or right of lien now existing or which may hereafter arise for work or labor performed or materials furnished, or for any other reason or cause under this contract, under any lien laws, States or Federal, upon the articles or any component parts, material, supplies, or other property coming into its possession which it is contemplated shall presently or ultimately become the property of the Government.

The Government may, at its option, from time to time, furnish the Contractor with any increased facilities, or raw materials relating to the performance of this contract, provided, however, that the Contractor's undertakings for like facilities or raw materials, made in good faith, are not thereby interfered with, or the cost thereof increased.

In case the Contractor shall desire the Government to furnish it additional plant, machinery or facilities, the same shall be made the subject of a separate agreement.