The Contractor agrees to deliver the articles according to the following schedule: --------- [insert times and quantities].

In view of the present uncertain factors inherent in the articles, and in the establishment of the industry of producing them, it is understood that this schedule may require revision, but inasmuch as speed of production is vital to the best interests of the Government and the People of the United States, the Contractor agrees that it will, if possible, and if requested to do so by the Contracting Officer, anticipate the foregoing schedule, and agrees to give the performance of this contract precedence over all other work for parties other than the Government.

The Contractor shall not be responsible for delays, caused by strikes, fires, casualties, acts of God or the public enemy, riots, incendiarism, or any act of the Government or other cause beyond the control or without the fault of the Contractor, this provision, however, not relieving the Contractor from using his best efforts to remove such cause and continuing performance with the utmost dispatch whenever such cause is removed.

The Contractor, from time to time, will, and at any time upon request of the Contracting Officer, shall furnish to the Contracting Officer, statements and reports upon the progress of the work and any and all factors relating to the delivery of the articles.

Delivery of the articles, suitably packed, boxed, and marked as required by the Contracting Officer, shall be made to the Contracting Officer, f. o. b. at the plant of the Contractor at ---------, ---------, but the Contractor, at the cost and risk of the Government, shall store the articles for so long a period, not exceeding six months, as the Contracting Officer shall request, providing such space and buildings as may be practicable for adequate and safe storage, and in determining such cost, the rental for the use of the land and buildings of the Contractor, shall be determined as hereinafter, in Article XI, provided, and also at the cost of the Government, the Contractor shall ship the articles to any point in the United States, making all arrangements for transportation, all according to the instructions of the Contracting Officer.

If the Contractor is requested to store the articles, such storage must not delay acceptance of and payment for the articles.