The determination of the Actual Cost as in Article V hereof defined, and of all questions arising under Article VI, shall be promptly made by or under the direction of the Accounting Officer, in accordance with the terms of this contract.

The Contractor may, however, at any time before making or incurring liability for any expenditure for material, plant extension, equipment, or supplies relating to the performance of this contract, exceeding the sum of --------- ($---------) in any one instance, give written notice of such intended expenditure to the representative of said Accounting Officer at the Contractor's plant, and thereafter the said Accounting Officer shall be estopped to question the propriety of the said expenditure unless he or his representative shall before the close of the third business day after service of notice of such intention, express in writing his disapproval thereof.

Written notice of any intended general increase by the contractor during the prosecution of this work in the rates of wages of any class of labor above the local current rate paid for similar labor shall be given by the Contractor to the officer in charge of the Division of Finance of the Signal Corps. The same shall be effective unless the officer in charge of the Division of Finance shall in writing disapprove thereof within ten days of the receipt of said notice.

The decision of the Accounting Officer on questions of the determination and allowance of costs, including the items to be deducted from or added to the total actual cost, as in Section (7) of Article VI provided, shall prevail, except that either upon the completion of the contract by the Contractor, or its termination by the Government, or whenever claims of cost amounting in the aggregate to $-------- shall have been disallowed by the said Accounting

Officer, the Contractor may appeal to a Board, consisting of three officers of the United States Army appointed by the Secretary of War, whose decision shall be final and binding upon both parties.