No changes shall be made in the drawings or specifications attached hereto and made a part of this contract, except as provided in this Article.

Changes may be made at any time by mutual agreement between the Contracting Officer and the Contractor. In case of failure to agree, a written request for such changes shall be made by the party desiring same. The final decision thereon shall be made by the Contracting Officer in writing after opportunity has been given by him for a hearing to the Contractor. A reasonable time for such hearing shall be set by the Contracting Officer, but production and acceptance shall proceed as before and shall not be interrupted thereby pending the final decision.

The total quantity of articles to be supplied under this contract shall be divided into --------- lots of --------- each. Changes determined upon during production of the first lot shall be applied only to production at the beginning of the third lot. Changes determined upon during production of the second lot shall be applied to production only at the beginning of the fourth lot, and so on throughout the contract, thereby allowing at least one lot to be produced between the determination of the change and its application to production, provided, that changes which may interrupt the continuity of production need not be incorporated in "the Articles" within six weeks from the decision of the Contracting Officer, as provided in the second paragraph of this Article.