The Contractor agrees to refrain from exploiting, by publicity or otherwise, its product manufactured in pursuance of this contract, or in any way publicly advertising the fact of the manufacture of said product, and to refrain from publishing, or causing or allowing to be published any photographs, drawings, written or printed matter, or other data disclosing the articles, or parts of same, or the process of manufacture, or the plans of the Government, or any information concerning the same, or which shall result in such disclosure. The Contractor agrees to submit all pictures or printed matter showing, describing or in any way relating to the progress of the work to be prosecuted under this contract, which he may desire to publish, before publishing the same, to the Chief Signal Officer of the Army, who may permit such publication, and shall have the right to censor the same, and the Contractor agrees that, during the term of this contract, it will not manufacture or sell: any aeroplanes, aeronautical material or apparatus connected with the same for or to anyone whomsoever other than the Government, without obtaining a license therefor from the Chief Signal Officer of the Army; and the Contractor further agrees to strictly adhere to all requirements and regulations promulgated by the Navy Department or the War Department, with relation to the use of private aircraft.