General Description. - Asphaltic concrete pavement may be laid with the ordinary foundation of concrete as specified for Asphalt Pavement or may be laid as a surfacing on top of existing granite, brick, bowlder or other pavements. The wearing surface proper shall be not less than two (2) inches thick after compression and shall consist of a mixture of broken stone, sand, filler and Asphalt Cement as specified below.

Concrete Foundation. - If concrete foundation is specified the sub-grade shall be--------- (--------) inches below and parallel to the finished grade of the roadway.

On the sub-grade, prepared as specified under "Grading," Item 1, will be deposited -------- inches of concrete as specified, the upper surface of which shall be compact and true, parallel to and two (2) inches below the finished roadway grade. If deemed by the Engineer, the surface of the concrete shall be roughened by tamping with toothed rammers or by satisfactory means.

Old Pavement as Foundation. - When the asphaltic concrete is to be used as surfacing over existing pavements, the following shall be observed: If the old pavement has flagging gutters and crossings, such shall be taken up and removed and the space replaced by concrete of the class specified, such concrete to be brought to proper grade to receive the wearing coat. At the intersecting streets the existing paving shall be taken up and readjusted to the extent directed by the Engineer so as to afford a two (2) inch butt joint for the wearing coat. Care must be taken, that the drainage of the intersecting streets is not interfered with in doing this.

All manholes, water valves, etc., shall be readjusted to the grade of the proposed new surface and all holes or depressions more than two (2) inches in depth shall be filled with concrete of class specified. The entire surface of the old pavement shall then be swept and washed with hose until perfectly clean.

After the roadway has dried out, a binder course will be applied to such depth as will be required to form a surface parallel to and two (2) inches below the proposed surface of the completed pavement. This binder shall conform to the requirements for binder under the specifications for "Asphalt Pavement" except that the stone shall not exceed one (1) inch in maximum dimensions. After the binder coat has been thoroughly compressed by rolling, the wearing surface will be applied.