When ordered the Contractor shall replace with new castings, manhole rims and covers, inlet gratings, frames and covers, or other castings as ordered. Such castings shall be in accordance with standard plans on file in the Engineer's office. Covers shall fit into frames with an even and true bearing and with a minimum clearance of three-sixteenths (3-16) inch scant.

All cast iron used on the work shall be of good quality gray cast iron, free from cracks, blow-holes and other defects. Test pieces shall exhibit a minimum tensile breaking strength of 18,000 pounds per square inch.

Castings shall be true to pattern and of the required dimensions. They shall exhibit sharp edges. A maximum variation of 5 per cent from the computed weight will be permitted.

All castings must be clean, free from scale, grease or sand, and shall be thoroughly coated with one coat of approved asphaltic varnish. All castings shall bear in an inconspicuous place the cast mark of the foundry, and shall also bear the stamped or graven seal of a reputable inspection bureau, as evidence of compliance with the foregoing requirements.

All manhole lids must fit perfectly in their frames without rocking.

The price bid per pound for castings shall include furnishing and setting. The readjusting of the manhole and inlet will be paid for separately, as above specified.