The quality of the granite shall be equal in all respects to that required for Granite Pavement.

Before the award of the contract the successful bidder shall notify the Engineer where he proposes to obtain the Durax cubes, and shall file satisfactory samples of the proposed blocks. A failure to promptly furnish satisfactory samples shall be sufficient grounds for rejecting the bid.

The Durax blocks shall be nearly cubical, with six irregular, approximately square surfaces, the edges of which shall measure not over four (4) inches nor less than three and one-quarter (3 1/4) inches, excepting that blocks having one dimension less than the above figure will be accepted in such quantity as may be necessary to make closures.

Foundation. - The sub-grade shall be ten and three-quarters (10 3/4) inches below and parallel to the finished grade of the roadway; on the sub-grade prepared, as specified under "Grading," Item 1, will be deposited six (6) inches of concrete as specified. .

The top of the concrete foundation shall be brought by screeding or otherwise to a grade which shall not vary more than one-quarter (1/4) inch at any point from a surface parallel to and four and three-quarters (4 3/4) inches below the finished surface of the pavement.

Paying Bed. - The paving bed shall consist of a bed of sand-cement mixture approximately one and one-quarter (1 1/4) inches in average depth and sufficient to bring the surface of the pavement after being thoroughly rolled to the proper grade.

The sand-cement bed shall consist of one (1) part cement to three (3) parts sand thoroughly and uniformly mixed. The sand-cement mixture shall be prepared in only such quantity as can be used before taking initial set and any which has so set, shall be discarded.

On this sand-cement bed Durax blocks shall be laid in concentric interlocking segments as shown on the drawings on file in the office of the Engineer. No part of the joint shall exceed one-half (1/2) inch at the surface or shall be less than one-quarter (1/4) inch. The blocks, however, must be laid with some points in contact on all sides, so that they will not rock under the roller.

The blocks shall then be rolled with a not-less-than-five-ton roller so as to leave no blocks above or below the general surface of the finished pavement.

. After the Durax blocks have been paved and brought to grade by rolling or tamping, the paved surface shall be sprinkled, allowing sufficient water in the joints to thoroughly set the cement, and if pitch-mastic is used for filler the pavement shall be allowed to dry before filler is applied.

Filler. - The filler to be used shall be cement grout or pitch-mastic as specified.

The mixture and application of the cement grout filler or the pitch-mastic filler shall be exactly as that specified under Brick Pavement, Item 69.

Payment. - The price paid per square yard will be for all work and material above the concrete foundation.