In order to avoid misunderstanding, we desire our patrons to clearly understand that our guarantee for one year from date of delivery of the car to you is in respect to defective material only.

We will, however, supply free of charge the necessary time and labor for such replacement for a period of ninety days from the date of delivery of car to you, except for the freight or express charges of such defective parts to and from the factory.

We do not assume any contingent liability, nor does this guarantee apply to repairs or replacements made necessary by accident, carelessness, negligence or abuse; nor do we accept any responsibility in connection with tires, ignition apparatus, and trade accessories, such as lamps, speedometers, carburetors, electric starting and lighting systems, etc., which are guaranteed by the manufacturers of the same.

Where claims are made in respect to faulty material, the parts complained of must be returned to Buick Motor Company, Flint, Michigan, charges prepaid, for their inspection.

The condition of this warranty is such that if the motor car to which it applies is altered or repaired outside of our factory, our liability shall cease.

No allowance will be made for any labor, performed outside our service station, neither will we assume any responsibility for any adjustments or repairs made outside our service station, except by our own men.

Customer's cars are driven by our employes at customer's own risk.

This Guarantee does not apply to second hand cars.

The X. Y. Motor Co. See references under Sec. 3913.