Subgrade. - The subgrade, prepared as specified under "Grading," Item 1, shall be uniformly twelve (12) inches below the finished grade of the roadway.

First Course. - Upon the prepared subgrade, between the gutters will be evenly spread a layer of clean, sound, hard limestone which shall measure not more than four (4) inches nor less than two (2) inches on longest diameters. This layer shall be thoroughly rolled. The thickness of the layer shall be such that after rolling, its upper surface shall be at a uniform height of six (6) inches above the true surface of the subgrade.

Second Course. - Upon the first layer of stone, prepared as described, shall be evenly spread a layer of crushed limestone to such a depth that, after completion, the surface shall be uniformly twelve (12) inches above the true subgrade. This stone shall be composed of clean fragments of sound hard limestone of size varying from one (1) inch to two and one-half (2 1/2) inches in maximum dimension. Before being rolled the upper surface must be harrowed or forked in such manner that the various sizes of stone are uniformly distributed. This layer will then be repeatedly rolled and wetted, new material being added where low spots appear until ultimate compression and an even surface have been obtained.

Screenings. - Sound, hard limestone screenings will be used for the finishing course. These screenings will be such as will entirely pass a three-quarter (3/4) inch screen, but must not contain more than thirty (30) per cent. of stone dust. The screenings must be free from dirt, clay, shale or any foreign matter. The screenings after being spread will be wetted ind thoroughly rolled. The wetting and rolling shall be continued until the surface is packed firm. The amount of screenings to be used will be the minimum required to thoroughly pack the roadway.

The Contractor will be required to get the screenings on the street in a manner which will not materially disturb the compacted second layer. All rolling will be done with a steam roller giving a pressure of at least two hundred and fifty (250) pounds per lineal inch of roller.

Oiling. - Where oiling is specified the completed roadway as above described shall be thrown open to travel for a period of two or more weeks, as the Engineer may direct, and shall then be thoroughly swept clean and be given an application of asphaltic road oil, followed by an application of coarse sand sufficient to absorb the oil. The oil and its method of application shall conform in all respects to the requirements as given under Item 69.

Crossings and Gutters. - Crossings and gutters for macadam streets will consist of strips of "Concrete Pavement" or "Brick Pavement," as specified. Crossings will be five (5) feet wide; gutters will be of widths as shown on the plans. If brick crossings and gutters are specified, the work will conform in all respects to the specifications for Brick Pavement. The concrete foundation shall extend four (4) inches beyond the edges of the paving.

The paving for brick cross-walks will not be done until the completion of the rolling of the macadam surface, the space for the brick paving and mortar cushion being occupied during the rolling by a temporary filling of broken stone. After the completion of the rolling this filling will be removed and the brick paving laid as specified.

If concrete gutters and crossings are specified, the work shall conform to the requirements for "Concrete Pavement," except that the gutters will have a sub-base of---------(---------) inches of clean cinders and the crossings a sub-base of five (5) inches of broken stone, as specified above for brick.

Concrete crossings will not be constructed until after the completion of the rolling of the macadam; the space being occupied during the rolling by a temporary filling of broken stone.

Expansion joints one-quarter (1/4) inch in width of character specified under "Concrete Pavement," shall be inserted every twelve (12) feet in concrete gutters and crossings. The intermediate six (6) foot points shall be cut with a joiner. Concrete gutters will be finished with wood float and edger. Concrete crossings will receive a one-half (1/2) inch mortar top, and will be blocked into six (6) inch squares by three-eighths (3/8) inch grooves. The finish will be by wood float.

Payment. - The price bid for macadam pavement per square yard will include furnishing and placing all the stone, screenings, all rolling, sprinkling and all other materials and labor necessary to complete the pavement above the sub-grade as specified. It will also include all work as specified under "Grading," Item 1, where no bid is requested for the grading item.

Brick crossings and gutters will be paid for by the square yard of brick paving and the cubic yard of concrete at the prices bid.

Concrete crossings and gutters will be paid for by the square yard at the price bid.