This contract entered into on the --------- day of ---------, between the X. Y.

Publishing Company of the City of --------- and State of ---------, and A. B. of the City of---------and State of ---------, Witnesses:

In consideration of the covenants of said A. B. hereinafter contained, the said X. Y. Publishing Company agrees to publish the advertisement of said A. B. in the [insert name of newspaper or magazine], said advertisement to occupy a space of --------- inches per issue, and to be inserted [state number of insertions and time thereof] for a period of [state time for which advertisement is to run] beginning with the number of [state number at which advertisement is to commence].

In consideration of the foregoing covenants on the part of the X. Y. Publishing Company, said A. B. covenants and agrees to pay for said advertisement, the sum of --------- dollars, payable in instalments of --------- dollars each, on the --------- day of each month, beginning with [insert date of first payment].

In witness whereof, etc.

Details as to style of advertisement, approval thereof by one or both parties, procedure in case of failure to furnish copy and provisions as to the consequences of the inability of the publisher to continue the publication of his newspaper are found more or less frequently.