[Insert in Articles of Co-partnership, above, at end of Article providing for division of assets, on dissolution.].

Provided, however, that, on dissolution of said partnership, either partner may make a written offer to the other partner of the sum or price in cash for which he will purchase the interest of such other in said partnership, or for which he will sell bis own interest therein to such other partner; and the partner receiving such offer shall, within --------- days thereafter, make his election, in writing, either to sell or to purchase for said sum or price; and if he fail bo to do within said time, the partner who has made such offer is hereby given the right and option, within --------- days after the expiration of said time, at his own election, to purchase the interest of such other partner, or to sell his own interest to such other, for the sum or price so offered.

See references under 8 3776.