Whereas E. F. is indebted to A. B. for the various articles set forth therein; and whereas the following is a true copy of such account with all credits thereon [insert itemized copy of account]; and whereas the sum of --------dollars is due from said E. F. to said A. B. on such account;

Now, therefore, I, the said A. B., do hereby assign, transfer and convey to C. D. the said claim against said E. F. upon said account; and I authorize said C. D. to collect the same without accounting for the proceeds to the said A. B.; and to bring an action therefor, or to give a receipt for the payment thereof as fully as the said A. B. could do.

Said A. B. does covenant with said C. D. that the said sum of---------dollars is justly due from said E. F. to said A. B. upon said account; and that neither A. B. nor anyone claiming under him has done or will do any act to hinder, delay or prevent the collection of said account.

In consideration of the aforesaid value received, said A. B. guarantees that said C. D. will pay the said sum of --------- dollars to the said C. D. provided that said C. D. brings an action thereon within --------- months from the date of this assignment; and said A. B. covenants to pay the said C. D. any deficiency therein in case said action is brought as aforesaid and is promptly prosecuted to final judgment.

In witness whereof, etc. A. B.

If the assignor does not desire to guarantee the payment of the account, the covenant of guaranty may be omitted and in its place the following form may be used:

Said A. B. covenants that said claim in the amount of --------- dollars against C. D. is just. and lawful, and that said amount is due thereon; but this assignment is without recourse upon A. B. insofar as the solvency of said E. F. is concerned.

See references under 8 3785.