Know all men by these presents: That whereas I, A. B., of ---------, did on the --------- day of --------, 19-, by the consideration of [name of court] duly recover a judgment against E. F., of ---------, for the sum of ---------dollars and for $---------costs of suit, as will more fully appear by the record thereof in volume ---------, which' said judgment is now in full force and effect unreversed; and wholly unpaid and unsatisfied.

Now I, the said A. B., in consideration of the sum of---------dollars ($------), received to my full satisfaction of C. D., do hereby sell, assign, transfer and set over unto the said C. D., his executors, administrators or assigns, the said judgment.

And I hereby covenant that there is now due on said judgment the sum of---------dollars ($---------) with interest thereon from the---------day of---------,


In witness whereof, etc.

See references under Sec. 3785.

A covenant for repayment to the purchaser in case the Judgment is thereafter vacated, set aside or reversed, is sometimes inserted.

The cause of action does not pass by the assignment of a judgment which is subsequently vacated. See Sec. 2268.

For the execution of such an assignment, see 5 2291.