This contract made this --------- day of ---------, 19-, by and between A. B., of ---------, and C. D., of ---------, Witnesses:

Whereas A. B. has heretofore retained C. D. as his attorney at law to prosecute an action on behalf of said A. B., against one E. F., of ---------; and whereas said C D. as attorney for said A. B., and in reliance upon the covenants of said A. B., hereinafter contained, has instituted an action upon said claim which is now pending in the---------court of---------, and which is action number

---------, upon the-------- docket of said court; and whereas said C. D. has agreed to continue to render necessary legal services for the said A. B. in prosecuting said action to a final judgment;

Now, therefore, in consideration of said legal services already rendered and to be rendered by said C. D. for said A. B. in said action, said A. B. hereby assigns, transfers and conveys to the said C. D. [insert fraction] of the judgment which said A. B. may recover in said action against the said E. F.

In witness whereof, etc.

For the validity of such assignments, see Sec. 699 et seq. For form of contract Sec. 3785.