Know all men by these presents: That we, A. B. as principal and E. F. as surety, are held and firmly bound unto C. D. in the sum of --------- dollars

($---------), for which payment well and truly to be made we bind ourselves firmly by these presents.

Dated this --------- day of ---------, 19-.

The condition of this obligation is such, that, whereas a promissory note for --------- dollars ($--------) made by said C. D., dated ---------, 19-, and payable --------- after date, to the order of ---------, at ---------, the same now being the property of the said A. B., has been lost and can not be found or produced by the said A. B.; and whereas at the request of said A. B. and on his promise to save harmless the said C. D. in the premises, and to deliver up the said note for cancellation, when the same is found, to the said C. D., the said C. D. has this day paid unto the said A. B. the sum of --------- dollars ($--------), the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, in full payment and satisfaction of said note. Now if the said A. B. and E. F. shall assume and pay all damages, judgments, costs, expenses and charges, including reasonable attorney's fees in defending all suits and actions, whether groundless or not, which the said C. D. may be compelled to pay, or incur or become liable for, by reason of said note, and if the said A. B. shall deliver to the said C. D. said note, as soon as the same shall be found, for cancellation, then this obligation to be void; otherwise to be and remain in full force and effect.

In witness whereof, etc.

For rights of holder in due course, see Sec. 2354 et seq.