Contract between the City of X., of the first part, and A. B., Contractor -, of the second part, for improving [insert name of street], from---------to--------by [insert nature of improvement], in pursuance of the following, to-wit:

1. Resolution declaring it necessary to improve said --------- determining the general! nature of the proposed improvement, the grade thereof, and approving plans, specifications, estimates, and profiles therefor, passed by Council ---------,

19-. duly advertised in ---------, commencing ---------, 19-.

2. Certificate of Clerk of Council as to all claims given ---------, 19-.

3. Ordinance No. --------- determining to proceed with the improvement of said---------passed by the said Council ---------, 19-; duly advertised in ---------.

4. Ordinance No. --------- authorizing Director of Public Service to execute contract passed by the said Council---------, 19-.

5. Bids duly advertised for. in---------, commencing ---------, 19-.

6. Bids opened by the Director of Public Service ---------, 19-.

7. Determination by the Director of Public Service that---------is the lowest and best bidder---------, 19-.

8. Approved by the Board of Control---------, 19-.

This contract, made and entered into this---------day of---------, in the year one thousand nine hundred and ---------, by and between the City of X., of the first part, and A. B., Contractor -, of the second part:

Witnesseth: That the said part - of the second part ha - agreed, and by these presents do - agree, with the said party of the first part, for the consideration hereinbefore mentioned, to furnish at--------- own proper cost and expense all the necessary materials and labor of every description, and to carry out and complete in a good, firm and substantial manner the improving [insert name of street], from---------to---------, by [insert nature of improvement], in accordance with plans and profiles on file in the office of the Chief Engineer of the Department of Public Service and in accordance with the specifications hereinafter set forth, subject to such changes as may be made from time to time by the Director of Public Service of said City.

The provisions contained in the "Legal Notice," in "Information for Bidders," in "Engineer's Estimate," and in the "Proposal," as well as the plans and profiles for this work on file in the Engineer's office, are hereby also embodied as a part ' of this agreement.

The specifications under which the work embraced in this agreement shall be performed are as follows: