This contract made and entered into at ---------,........, this ---------day of

---------, 19-, by and between A. B. and C. D., Witnesses:

That whereas, the parties hereto are the owners, respectively, of adjoining parcels of land situated in---------Township,--------- County,---------, respectively described as follows: --------- [separate description of properties].

And whereas, it is necessary that the partition fence between said lands be rebuilt;

Now, therefore, it is mutually agreed by and between the parties hereto that the fence now between said lands shall be entirely removed and a new fence built of --------- [describe materials, heighth of fence, distance between posts, etc.], which, when built, shall belong to the parties in equal shares.

The said A. B. promises and agrees to furnish all staples and wire (or other material) and posts for said new fence, and to deliver the same on or before ---------, 19-.

The said C. D. promises and agrees to perform all the labor in removing the old fence, cleaning away and removing the debris thereof; to perform all the labor in building said new fence in a good and workmanlike manner, and to complete the same on or before ---------, 19-.

In testimony whereof, etc.