This contract entered into this --------- day of ---------, A. D. 19-, between

A. B., of the City of---------, State of---------, and C. D., of the City of ---------,

State of---------, Witnesses:

That in consideration of the covenants of said A. B. hereinafter contained, the said C. D. hereby covenants and agrees to work for the term of --------months, commencing on the --------- day of ---------, 19-, at the business of

--------- [insert business] and at --------- (or, at such point within the State of

--------- as the said A. B. may designate). Said C. D. agrees to work --------hours per day, Sunday excepted. In consideration of the foregoing covenants, said A. B. agrees to pay to said C. D. the sum of --------- dollars per month, to be paid on the ------day of each month, beginning with--------- [insert date of first payment].

In witness whereof, etc.

For the validity of provisions relieving an employer from liability for negligence towards his employes, see Sec. 762 et seq.

For the nature and effect of contracts of employment, see Sec. 1441 et eeq.

For liability for voluntary services, see Sec. 1516 et seq.

For liability of third persons for interfering with contracts of employment, see Sec. 2424 et seq.

For performance, see Sec. 2786 and 2792.

For breach by renunciation, see Sec. 2887.

For breach by non-performance, see Sec. 2930.

For precedent covenants, see Sec. 2957.

For entire or severable character as affecting merger in judgment, see 9 3007.

For Instalment contracts, see Sec. 3020 and 3021.

For acceptance of defective performance, see Sec. 3048

For damages, see Sec. 3214, 3217.

For injunction, see Sec. 3392 et seq.

For the validity of a contract for union labor exclusively, see Sec. 821.