This agreement made the --------- day of ---------, in the year Nineteen Hundred and ---------, by and between ---------, hereinafter called the Owner, and

--------, hereinafter called the Architect,

Witnesseth, that whereas the Owner intends to erect--------- [add here brief description of scope and manner of execution of work];

Now, therefore, the Owner and the Architect, for the considerations hereinafter named, agree as follows:

The Architect agrees to perform for the above-named work, professional services as stated in Article 1 of the "Conditions of Agreement between Owner and Architect" hereinafter 6et forth.

The Owner agrees to pay the Architect the sum of ------dollars ($---------) as his fee, of which --------- dollars ($---------) is to be paid in --------- equal instalments monthly, beginning ---------, the balance to be paid on issuance of final certificate; and to reimburse the Architect monthly all costs incurred by him in the performance of his duties hereunder as more fully set forth in the said "Conditions."

The parties hereto further agree to the following: