Uniform Player's Contract

Parties. - The A. B. Company, a corporation duly incorporated under the laws of the State of---------, herein called the Club, and C. D., of ---------, herein called the Player.

Recital. - The Club is a member of the X. Y. League of Professional Baseball Clubs. As such, and jointly with the other members of the League, it is a party to agreements with the S. T. League of Professional Baseball Clubs and its constituent clubs and with the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues. The purpose of these agreements is to insure to the public wholesome and high-class professional baseball by defining the relations between club and player, between club and club, between league and league and by vesting in a designated Commissioner broad powers of decision in case of disputes*

Agreement. - In view of the facts above recited the parties agree as follows:

Employment. - 1. The Club will pay the Player a salary for his skilled services during the playing season of 19-, at the rate of .$-------- per month, making an aggregate of $--------for the season.

Salary. - 2. The salary above provided for shall be paid by the Club as follows:

In semi-monthly instalments after the commencement of the period covered by this contract, unless this contract shall be terminated by the Club while the Player is "abroad" with the Club for the purpose of playing games, in which event the amount then due shall be paid on the first week-day after the return "home" of the Club.

Loyalty. - 3. The Player during said season will faithfully serve the Club or any other Club to which, in conformity with the agreements above recited, this contract may be- assigned, and pledges himself to the American public to conform to high standards of fair play and good sportsmanship.

Service. - 4. The Player will not play during 19- otherwise than for the Club or for such other Clubs as may become assignees of this contract in conformity with said agreements.

Assignment. - 5. In case of assignment of this contract to another Club each successive assignee shall become liable to the Player for his salary during Ms term of service with such assignee, and the Club shall not be liable therefor. If the assignee is a member either of the National or American League, the salary rate shall be as above specified. If the assignee is any other club the salary rate shall be the same as that usually paid by said club to other players of like ability.

Discipline. - 6. (a) The Player accepts as part of this contract the Regulations printed on the third page hereof and such reasonable modifications of them as the Club may announce from time to time.

(b) This contract may be terminated at any time by the Club or by any assignee upon ten days' written notice to the Player.

(c) The Player submits himself to the discipline of the Commissioner and agrees to accept his decisions rendered pursuant to the Major League Agreement.

Renewal. - 7. (a) Any time prior to February---------, 19-, by written notice to the Player, the Club or any assignee thereof may renew this contract for the term of that year except that the salary rate shall be such as the parties may then agree upon, or, in default of agreement, such as the Club may fix.

(b) In default of agreement, the Player will accept the salary rate thus fixed or else will not play during said year otherwise than for the Club or for an assignee hereof.

(c) The reservation to the Club of the valuable right thus to fix the salary rate for the succeeding year and the promise of the Player not to play during said year otherwise than with the Club or an assignee hereof, have been taken into consideration in determining the salary specified herein and the undertaking by the Club to pay said salary is the consideration for both the reservation and the promise.

Disputes. - 8. In case of dispute between the Player and the Club or any assignee hereof the same shall be referred to the Commissioner as an umpire, and his decision shall be accepted by all parties as final.

Signed this---------day of---------, A. D. 19-.

[Seal] ---------,

Witnesses: By--------- (Club),


--------, --------- (Player).


1. The Playing Season for each year covered by this contract and all renewals hereof shall be as fixed by the National League of Professional Baseball Clubs.

2. The Player must keep himself in first-class physical condition and must at all times conform his personal conduct to standards of good citizenship and good sportsmanship.

3. The Player, when requested by the Club, must submit to medical examination at the expense of the Club and, if necessary, to treatment by a regular physician in good standing at the player's expense. Disability directly resulting from injuries sustained while rendering service under this contract shall not impair the right of the Player to receive his full salary, but any other disability may be ground for suspending or terminating this contract at the discretion of the Club.

4. The Club will furnish the Player with two complete uniforms, exclusive of shoes, the Player making a deposit of $30.00 therefor, which deposit will be returned to him at the end of the season or upon the termination of this contract, upon the surrender of the uniforms by him to the Club. And the Club will provide and furnish the Player while "abroad" or traveling with the Club in other cities with proper board, lodging, and pay all proper and necessary traveling expenses, including Pullman accommodations and meals en route.

5. The Player shall not without the consent of his Club engage during the term of this contract or any renewal thereof in any game or exhibition of baseball, football, basket ball or other athletic sport except for the Club or for an assignee of this contract.

6. For violation by the Player of any regulation the Club may impose a reasonable fine and deduct the amount thereof from the Player's salary or may suspend the Player without salary for a period not exceeding thirty days, or both, at the discretion of the Club. Written notice of the fine or suspension or both and of the reasons therefor shall in every case be given to the Player.

7. In order to enable the Player to fit himself for his duties under this contract, the Club may require the player to report for practice at such places as the Club may designate, and to participate in such exhibition contests as may be arranged by the Club for a period of---------days prior to the playing season without any other compensation than that herein elsewhere provided,. the Club, however, to pay the traveling expenses, including Pullman accommodations, and meals en route of the Player from his home city to the training place of the Club, whether he be ordered to go there direct or by way of the home city of the Club. In the event of the failure of the Player to report for practice or to participate in the exhibition games, as provided for, a penalty by way of fine may be imposed by the Club, the same to be deducted from the compensation stipulated herein.

See references under Sec. 3853.