This contract entered into this --------- day of ---------, 19-, at ---------, by and between A. B., party of the first part, and C. D., party of the second part. Witnesses:

That whereas, A. B. is the owner of certain realty which is described as follows: ---------[insert description of property!; and whereas, A. B. wishes to sell the same; now, in consideration of the covenants of C. D. hereinafter contained, said A. B. employs C. D. as his sole and exclusive agent for the sale of said property, for the period of --------- days from the date of this contract; said property to be sold at a price not less than --------- dollars. Said A. B. furthermore agrees that if said property is sold to a purchaser secured by the said C. D. at the price hereinbefore set forth; or if it is sold either by said owner or through any other broker within said --------- days from the date hereof, said A. B.

will forthwith pay to the said C. D. the sum of ---------dollars, as compensation for the services of said C. D. (or, the said A. B. will forthwith pay to the said C. D. --------- per cent. of the price at which said property is sold). In consideration of the foregoing covenants on the part of the said A. B., said C. D. hereby agrees to list said property for sale; to advertise the same not less than --------- times per week in the --------- [insert name of the newspaper, etc., in which the sale is to be advertised], and to use all reasonable efforts in attempting to secure a purchaser therefor. In witness whereof, etc.

See references under Sec. 3853.

For form of contract of sale of realty, see Sec. 3922.