This contract entered into at ---------, this --------- day of ---------, 19-, by and between A. B., of ---------, party of the first part, and C. D., of ---------, party of the second part, Witnesses:

In consideration of the covenants on the part of said C. D., hereinafter set forth, said A. B., agrees to manufacture for said C. D.,--------- [insert name of article and quantity] in accordance with the plans and specifications which are attached to this contract and are made a part thereof by reference. Said A. B., agrees to furnish all material and labor for the manufacture of said articles. The materials and workmanship shall conform to said plans and specifications.

Said A. B., covenants to deliver said ---------[insert name of article] in lots of

--------- [insert quantity] f. o. b. the cars of the X. Y. Ry. Company, at ---------

[insert point of delivery]. Said delivery to begin on the ---------day of ---------, and to continue every --------- days thereafter until the entire quantity, hereinbefore set forth, has been delivered. In consideration thereof the said C. D, agrees to pay to the said A. B., the sum of ---------dollars, for each article, to be paid within ---------days after delivery as aforesaid.

The said C. D., hereby covenants and agrees to secure the cars necessary for the transportation of said goods; and it is hereby agreed that said A. B., shall not he liable for failure to deliver said goods f. o. b. said cars in case said C. D., shall not be able to secure them. (Provisions may be added covering the case of partial or total default in the delivery of one or more instalments; or in case of delay in paying therefor. See Sec. ---------).

In witness whereof, etc.