$---------. ---------, ---------, 19-.

--------- after date, for value received, --------- promise to pay to --------- or order, ---------dollars, with interest from date, until paid, at ---------per cent. per annum, payable ---------annually, at ---------.

For the elements of negotiable contracts, see Sec. 2305 et seq. For the nature and effect of negotiability, see Sec. 2343 et seq. For the rights of a holder in due course, see Sec. 2364 et seq. For the effect of war on duty to pay, see Sec. 2736 et seq, 2750 et seq. For alteration, see Sec. 3072 et seq., 3083.

For specific performance of contracts to lend money, see Sec. 3340. For cancelation, see Sec. 3416.

For the nature and effect of usury, see Sec. 969 et seq., 1081 et seq. and 1113 et seq.