This contract entered into this ---------day of ---------, 19-, at ---------,--------, between A. B., of ---------(hereinafter designated as first party), and C. D., of

---------, --------- (hereinafter designated as second party), Witnesses:

That in consideration of ---------dollars ($---------) paid by said second party to said first party, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, said first party agrees to sell and convey to said second party, his heirs or assigns, by good title, free of all incumbrance, with release of dower, at any time within -------days from said date, the following described real estate, situate in the -------of--------- in the County of ---------, and State of ---------, to wit: --------- [description of property].

The consideration which said second party, his heirs or assigns, shall pay for said land is --------- dollars, payment to be made as follows:

Deferred payments are to be secured by mortgage on the premises and to bear --------- per cent. interest. The said deferred payments may be made at any time before maturity, with interest to date of payment.

If said second party, his heirs or assigns, shall not purchase said land within said ---------days, then neither said second party nor said heirs or assigns shall have any claim whatever to said sum first above mentioned, nor said land.

In witness whereof, etc.