The A. B. Company, of the City of ---------, State of ---------, vendor, agrees to sell and deliver to the C. D. Company, of the City of ---------, State of ---------, purchaser, and the said purchaser agrees to buy, receive and pay for the merchandise herein below described, in quantities and at the prices herein named, during the period of one year from ---------, and according to the terms and conditions named below:

Description and quantity:


---------------------------------------------------------------($---------) per --------------------------f. o. b. cars, less freight to ---------, all deliveries to be computed to and billed as ---------.

Deliveries: To be made and taken in approximately equal quantities throughout the months of ---------, as nearly as may be --------- per month.

Terms of payment: ---------.

Conditions: Each shipment to be treated for the purpose of settlement, as a separate and independent sale, but if buyer fails to make payment for any materials furnished by vendor according to terms of sale, said vendor may defer additional shipments until payment is made, or may cancel this contract at his option. Payment of all bills to be made in United States gold coin or its equivalent in United States currency. The vendor reserves the right to decline to make deliveries on this contract except for cash, whenever said vendor shall have any doubt as to buyer's responsibility and so informs buyer.

Deliveries to be renewed according to contract terms when buyer shall have satisfied said vendor as to hie responsibility.

It is understood and agreed that any decline or advance in freight rates or other transportation charges which may be made subsequent to date of this contract shall be for the account of and borne by the buyer.

Vendor shall not be held responsible for failure of delivery when same is due to strikes, fire, casualties at their works, delays in transit, or other contingencies beyond their control.

In witness whereof, etc.

The seller may exercise his option to terminate the contract in case of failure of the buyer to pay within the time limited. Dow Chemical Co. v. Detroit Chemical Works, 208 Mich. 157, 14 A. L. R. 1200, 175 N. W. 269.

See references under Sec. 3913.

For breach of instalment contracts, see Sec. 3008 et seq.