This agreement, made at ---------, in --------- County, Ohio, between --------, the first party hereto, and ---------, the second party hereto.

Witnesseth, that whereas the said 6econd party ha - this day given into the custody of said first party the following goods and chattels, to-wit: ---------;

Now, the said first party agree - to pay for said goods as set forth below; and to hold said goods and chattels, until - h - shall have paid therefor the sum of --------- dollars, as the sole and exclusive property of said second party; which sum shall be paid as follows: --------- cash, and the balance in --------instalments of ---------dollars each, payable on ---------, at ---------, until said sum of $--------- shall have been paid in full.

Said first party agree - to insure said property in the sum of $---------, for the benefit of said second party, as - h - interest may appear, until said payments shall all be made.

Said first party also agree - not to remove said goods, nor permit them to be removed, out of - h-------------in said county, except for their safety in case of fire, without the consent of said second party.

And the said first party agree - that, upon - h - failure for the period of

--------- days to perform any one of the conditions above expressed by - h - to be performed, - h - will deliver the said goods and chattels to the said second party on demand, in as good condition as when received, and will forfeit all money paid thereon, or so much thereof as may be just and lawful, as an equivalent for the use thereof and for demand thereto while in - h - custody.

And the second party agree - that - h - will transfer said goods and • chattels, and all ownership and property therein, to said first party as soon as they shall have been paid for as agreed herein, and no sooner; it being fully agreed and understood that there is to be no change of ownership in said goods and chattels until said money shall all be paid as is agreed herein.

Signed in triplicate by said parties, this --------- day of ---------, A. D. 19-.



See references under Sec. 3913.