---------, ---------, 19-Received from A. B. for storage subject to the terms and conditions herein mentioned, the property hereinafter described, to be delivered to C. D. or his assigns upon the payment of all charges and the surrender of this receipt properly endorsed. Storage charges per month,---------.


1. No goods will be stored for a period of less than one month, nor will any deduction in charges be made for fractions thereof.

2. We do not assume any liability for loss by reason of damage done by fire, water or other casualty; nor for breakage, leakage nor damage done by moth or mice.

3. All storage charges must be paid at least every three months. -

4. All goods, upon which six months' storage charges have accrued and remain unpaid, may be sold at public auction, after first giving the owner thereof written notice of the time and place of such sale. If the residence of the owner of such goods be unknown a notice published once in a newspaper of general circulation in -------- County will be deemed sufficient. Notice will be given at least thirty days prior to the day of sale. Any balance after the payment of the charges and expenses will be held subject to the demands of the lawful owner.

[Insert description of property.]

In witness whereof, etc.

The X. Y. Storage Company

For the validity of a contract by which a warehouseman seeks to relieve himself from liability for negligence, see Sec. 766.