Memorandum of agreement, entered into this --------- day of ---------, 19-, between A. B., party of the first part and C. D., party of the second part.

Whereby it is mutually agreed that said party of the first part hereby engages to play--------- [insert name of play] at --------- for the term of--------and --------- matinee-, to commence --------- and terminating --------- making in all---------performances.

Said party of the second part agrees to furnish for above time and to the above attraction the --------- lighted, heated, cleaned and licensed; necessary attaches to work in front of theatre and stage; usual orchestra and advertising in daily papers and house programmes, ticket and ticket sellers; bill posting and distributors; to furnish the resources of the theatre in scenery, set stuff, furniture and appointments and imperishable properties. Employees of the theatre to assist in carrying scenery and baggage to and from stage door to the stage and dressing rooms, and deliver same outside of stage door immediately after last performance. The free list and prices to be under the control of the party of first part. Piano to be furnished. -.

The said party of the first part in consideration of --------- dollar in hand paid (the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged), and of certain payments herein named, made by said party of the second part, agrees to faithfully perform at the above theatre for the above time and will not perform previously at any other place of entertainment in said city during the season, furnishing entire entertainment on the stage, and such display printing as may be necessary, with dates for same, and conform to the rules and regulations which govern said place of entertainment.

Returns of houses made from the boxes regulated by office sales. Only the regular tickets of the theatre sold or received at the doors. Settlements and payments made nightly.

In the event of destruction by fire, national or local calamities, or any other unforeseen accident arising, which shall render the fulfillment of this contract by the party of the first or second part impossible, neither party shall be held legally responsible for any damages caused thereby.

Either party to this agreement shall have the right to cancel same by giving four weeks' notice to the other party in writing.

For the faithful observance and fulfillment by said party of the first part of each and all of the above conditions, the said party of the second part agrees to pay him or his representatives the sum resulting from the following terms:

In witness whereof, etc.

For a similar form for producing motion pictures, see Sec. 8899.