The requirements as to quality and samples to be submitted shall be the same as specified for granite pavement.

Dimensions and Dressing. - The sizes of the blocks shall be as follows: five (5) to seven (7) inches in length, three (3) to four (4) inches in width, and five and one-half (5 1/2) to six (6) inches in depth. The blocks shall be substantially rectangular. The blocks shall be cut so as to show no inequalities on top ends or sides exceeding five-eighths (5/8) inch.

Foundation. - The sub-grade shall be---------(---------) inches below and parallel to the finished grade of the roadway; on the sub-grade prepared as specified under "Grading," Item 1, will be deposited--------- (---------) inches of concrete as specified.

(a) Paying Bed. - The paving bed will consist of a sand cushion or a sand-cement bed as specified for granite paving.

Paying. - The granite blocks shall be laid by skilled pavers to conform, after completion, to the required grade and crown. The blocks will be firmly bedded on the paving bed and will be laid in parallel courses usually at right angles to the curb, except at intersections, where they shall be laid as directed.

The blocks will be laid with end and side joints not less than one (1) inch nor more than one and one-quarter (1 1/4) inches in width. Paving pebbles as above specified will then be swept into the joints so as to fill same to a height of two (2) inches down from the top of the blocks. The paving will then be thoroughly rammed to a solid bearing and a true surface, using rammer weighing not less than forty (40) pounds. The pebbles will then be scratched out to a depth of two (2) inches, and a cement grout made and applied as specified under "Cement Grout Filler for Brick Pavement," Item 59, will be swept into the joints. The grout will be swept into the joints so as to fill same to a height of one (1) inch down from the top of the paving, and any surplus above this level must be removed before hardening.

The grouted surface must be protected from the sun, if so directed by the Engineer, by a one-half (1/2) inch covering of sand, and must be kept moist for at least five (5) days. All travel must be kept off the pavement for at least ten (10) days, and longer, if so ordered.

Expansion Joint. - The requirements as to expansion joints will be the same as for Granite Pavement.

Crossings. - At such intersections as the Engineer may decide, crossings will be formed of strips of granite pavement conforming to the requirements for Granite Pavement.

Payment. - The price bid per square yard will include all work and material necessary above the concrete base. It will also include work specified under heading of "Grading," where no price is bid for such work. Crossings will be paid for as Granite Pavement.