Under this item, the Contractor shall provide the system of under-drainage provided for below.

The location, depth, and width of the necessary trenches, and the size of the drain pipe to be used shall be as shown on the plans or as ordered.

The drain pipe shall be sound, well vitrified, butt-jointed sewer pipe, as shown on the plans. This pipe shall be laid to the proper line and grade and shall be connected to catch 'basins or sewers as directed. In laying, the joints shall be wrapped with a strip of coarse burlap eight inches wide and long enough to encircle the pipe. After laying the drain pipe as herein described, the trenches shall be filled with clean gravel or broken stone, to such depth as shown on plans or as otherwise specified. This filling shall be carefully and thoroughly tamped as placed.

The price bid per lineal foot for Under-drainage shall include all excavation of trenches, the furnishing and placing of the pipe, burlap, porous backfill and all other work incidental to completing the under-drainage system as ordered.