B. This Policy may be canceled at any time by either of the parties upon written notice to the other party stating when, not less than ten days thereafter, cancelation shall be effective. The effective date of such cancelation shall then be the end of the Policy Period. The law of any state, in which this Policy applies, which requires that notice of cancelation shall be given to any Board, Commission or other state agency is hereby made a part of this Policy and cancelation in such state shall not be effective except in compliance with such law. The remuneration of employes for the Policy Period stated in said Declarations shall be computed upon the basis of the actual remuneration to the date of cancelation determined as herein provided. If such cancelation is at the Company's request, the earned premium shall be adjusted pro rata as provided in Condition A. If such cancelation is at this Employer's request, the earned premium shall be computed and adjusted at short rates, in accordance with the table printed hereon, but such short rate premium shall not be less than the Minimum Premium stated in said Declarations. If this Employer when requesting cancelation is actually retiring from the business herein described, then the earned premium shall be computed and adjusted pro rata. Notice of cancelation shall be served upon this Employer as the law requires, but, if no different requirement, notice mailed to the address of this Employer herein given shall be a sufficient notice, and the check of the Company, similarly mailed, a sufficient tender of any unearned premium.

C. The Company shall be permitted, at all reasonable times during the Policy Period, to inspect the plants, works, machinery and appliances covered by this Policy, and to examine this Employer's books at any time during the Policy Period, and any extension thereof, and within one year after its final expiration, so far as they relate to the remuneration earned by any employes of this Employer while this Policy was in force.

D. The obligations of Paragraph One (a) foregoing are hereby declared to be the direct obligations and promises of the Company to any injured employe covered hereby, or, in the event of his death, to his dependents; and to each such employe or such dependent the Company is hereby made directly and primarily liable under said obligations and promises. This contract is made for the benefit of such employes or such dependents and is enforceable against the Company, by any such employe or such dependent in his name or on his behalf, at any time and in any manner permitted by law, whether claims or proceedings are brought against the Company alone or jointly with this Employer. If the law of any state in which the Policy is applicable provides for the enforcement of the rights of such employes or such dependents by any Commission, Board or other state agency for the benefit of such employes or such dependents, then the provisions of such law are made a part hereof, as respects any matter subject thereto, as fully as if written herein. The obligations and promises of the Company as set forth in this paragraph shall not be affected by the failure of this Employer to do or refrain from doing any act required by the Policy; nor by any default of this Employer after the accident in the payment of premiums or in the giving of any notice required by the Policy or otherwise; nor by the death, insolvency, bankruptcy, legal incapacity or inability of this Employer, nor by any proceeding against him as a result of which the conduct of this Employer's business may be and continue to be in charge of an executor, administrator, receiver, trustee, assignee, or other person.

E. As between the employe and the Company, notice to or knowledge of this Employer of an injury or death covered hereby shall be notice or knowledge as the case may be of the Company; the jurisdiction of this Employer for the purposes of any Workmen's Compensation Law covered hereby shall be jurisdiction of the Company and the Company shall in all things be bound by and subject to the findings, judgments, awards, decrees, orders or decisions rendered against this Employer in the form and manner provided by such laws and within the terms, limitations and provisions of this Policy not inconsistent with such laws.

F. This Employer, upon the occurrence of an accident, shall give immediate written notice thereof to the Company with the fullest information obtainable. He shall give like notice with full particulars of any claim made on account of such accident. If, thereafter, any suit or other proceeding is instituted against this Employer, he shall immediately forward to the Company every summons, notice or other process served upon him. Nothing elsewhere contained in this Policy shall relieve this Employer of his obligations to the Company with respect to notice as herein imposed upon him.

G. No action shall lie against the Company to recover upon any claim or for any loss under Paragraph One (b) foregoing unless brought after the amount of such claim or loss shall have been fixed and rendered certain either by final judgment against this Employer after trial of the issue or by agreement between the parties with the written consent of the Company, nor in any event unless brought within two years thereafter.

H. If the method of serving notice of cancelation, or the limit of time for notice of accident or for any legal proceeding herein contained is at variance with any specific statutory provision in relation thereto, in force in the state in which any of the business operations herein described are conducted, such specific statutory provision shall supersede any such condition in this contract inconsistent therewith.

I. No assignment of interest under this Policy shall bind the Company unless the consent of the Company shall be endorsed hereon.

J. If this Employer carries any other insurance covering a claim covered by this Policy, he shall not recover from the Company a larger proportion of any such claim than the sum hereby insured bears to the whole amount of valid and collectible insurance.