Sec. 93. In general.

Sec. 94. (I) Misreliance on contract: Assumption of risk: Mistake of law.

Sec. 95. (II) Retention of benefit inequitable: (1) When defendant defaults.

Sec. 96. Same: Effect of tender of specific restitution.

Sec. 97. Same: Liability of purchaser or lessee of land for use and occupation.

Sec. 98. (2) When plaintiff defaults.

Sec. 99. Same : In jurisdictions where contract is void. Sec. 100. (III) Right to restitution when neither party defaults. Sec. 101. (IV) Right to restitution when contract enforceable in equity. Sec. 102. Same : Improvements on land by purchaser or lessee. Sec. 103. (V) Enforcement of restitution not against public policy: Admissibility of parol evidence of contract. Sec. 104. (VI) Measure of recovery: Contract as evidence of value. Sec. 105. Same : May value of thing promised by defendant be proved ? Sec. 106. Same: Deduction of benefit received by plaintiff. Sec. 107. Same : Improvements on land. Sec. 108. (VII) Necessity of demand: Statute of Limitations: Interest.