Sec. 132. In general.

Sec. 133. (I) Misreliance on contract: Assumption of risk.

Sec. 134. Same: Mistake of law.

Sec. 135. (II) Enforcement of restitution against public policy.

Sec. 136. Same: Limitations of the doctrine.

Sec. 137. (1) Plaintiff ignorant of fact which makes contract illegal.

Sec. 138. (2) Plaintiff not in pari delicto.

Sec. 139. Same : Classification of cases in which plaintiff is not in pari delicto.

Sec. 140. (a) Where prohibition is aimed at defendant's act.

Sec. 141. (b) Where plaintiff is induced to contract by fraud or duress.

Sec. 142. Same: The doctrine criticized.

Sec. 143. Order of proof as test of par delictum.

Sec. 144. (3) Plaintiff withdraws before illegal purpose accomplished:

Locus poenitentiae.

Sec. 145. Same: The doctrine criticized.

Sec. 146. Same: Illegal purpose accomplished in part.

Sec. 147. Same: Illegal purpose thwarted.

Sec. 148, (III) Illegal transactions by agent: Rights of principal.

Sec. 149. (IV) Illegal transactions by partner: Rights of copartner.

Sec. 150. (V) Necessity of demand: Statute of limitations: Interest.

Sec. 151. (VI) Certain contracts separately considered:

(1) Marriage brokage contracts.

Sec. 152. (2) Wagering contracts.

Sec. 153. (3) Contracts made or to be performed on Sunday.